Born in Istanbul in 1959 , Tahir AYDOĞDU was graduated from the Physics Deparment of Middle East Technical University. He started his music studies his high school years and attended various chorus activities.

He received his first music instruction from his father Gültekin AYDOĞDU who is a Kanun player at TRT Ankara Radio and the conductor of Turkish Fasıl Ensemble. He was also trained by various Turkish Music Authorities.

Following his graduation from the Physics department of the Middle East Technical University(Ankara 1983) , he was appointed to the TRT Ankara Radio Turkish Music Ensemble as a Kanun Player.

Besides various concerts he gave in Turkey , he also represented Turkey in many music centres in America, Europe and Asia with “Modern Folk Trio” with whom he worked for eight years.

With ASIAMINOR Jazz Ensemble whose musical goal is to combine Turkish Music and Western Jazz , the artist played in many concerts,attended various work-shops and festivals abroad i.e. ten years touring extensively in Europe and America.

As a member of ASIAMINOR he released many CD’s titled “Along the street” in Vienna 1991, “Longanova” 1997 and “Cat’s Dream” 1998 in Ankara.

Aydoğdu ,has also other CD’s include “Yahya Kemal in the music of Cinuçen Tanrıkorur” with the composer on Ud; “Balkanataolia” with the jazz singer Yıldız İbrahimova; “from Sufi to Flamenco”with the Dutch Guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel ; “AFİFE” Turkish Ballet composed by Turgay Erdener with Tschaikovsky Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rengim Gökmen in Moscow –June 2000, “Ferid Alnar” produced by Ş.Kahramankaptan & sponsored by TCMB with Anatolian Strings Quartet on December 2000.

In 1999 Aydoğdu established the “Ensemble ANCYRA”.He says that the musical aim of his last group ANCYRA is to present the music of various countries of the world in both jazz and world music forms.
With his KANUN,Aydoğdu accompanied the orchestra and dancers in the ballet performances of Selman Ada’s “Ali Baba & Forty Kharamies” with Ankara State Ballet & Opera Orchestra conducted by B.Hoinic; Turgay Erdener’s ballet “AFİFE” conducted by R.Gökmen with Presidential Symphony Orchestra and Aydoğdu arranged the music for the “HAREM” ballet,choreographed by Merih Çimenciler.

He is the second player to have performed the “Kanun Concerto” with various orchestras & quartets after the concerto’s first performance by the composer Ferid ALNAR (1906-1978).

Besides various concerts with different groups ,Aydoğdu gave many seminars about Kanun and Turkish Music in Hannover Hochshule/Germany, Girne/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ,Middle East Technical University/Ankara, Selçuk University/Konya.

The one of the most important event for Aydoğdu is the appreciation prize given by the senate of Middle East Technical University (M.E.T.U.) in Ankara on 25.5.2001 as a musician & graduate of M.E.T.U. His life story is also taken as a master subject by Turkish music conservatoiry of Ege University.

He has also contributed to education of music students by giving lectures and demonstrations in the department of Music & Fine Arts of M.E.T.U. and GAZİ Universities and directed classical Turkish music choruses.
A member of the World Cymbalom Association , based in Budapest ,
Aydoğdu is an active Kanun performer at Ankara Radio.